Adventure B4 Dementia



Hi Welcome to our site, it chronicles our retirement travels in Europe starting in 2011 and continuing until we get bored or dementia get the upper hand.

As previously reported we have temporarily had to give up the traveling lifestyle but we are staying in the caravan mainly because the tenants in our house are far to good to contemplate moving them out and we can’t be bothered to get all our “stuff” out of the container it is currently stored in.

The work year seems to be lasting forever so it was with relief when we went for a weeks holiday in York staying at the Caravan Clubs “Rountree York” site just a few minutes walk from the city centre with friends Carol and David. Click here to view the blog entry. There are few pictures for this trip as many places have a “No Photography” policy in operation but what there are you can see here.

There are other blogs entries you will not have seen they can be found here

Last Update 23rd June 2013

Sunset on River Ouse